• Preparatory classes for external exams for high school enrollment were organized in June 2018. The two-week course was attended by 15 students.
  • Typewriting course – Within the Center for Lifelong Learning, we also provide training for 10-finger blind typing on a computer. The training lasts 30 hours and the students are also offered possibility to take exams.
  • Foreign language courses (English and German)
  • IT courses (Word, Windows, Excel, Windows and MS Office)
  • Study visit of the PI “Bosnian Cultural Center of Sarajevo Canton”: Bilateral expert exchange of experiences and good practice examples in the field of adult education between Macedonia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, held on May 08, 2018.

In order to strengthen regional cooperation and to develop and improve the adult education system, on May 8, 2018representatives of the Center for Lifelong Learning, the National Agency for Educational Programs and Mobility, the Center for Adult Education and Workers’ Universities from Macedonia, accompanied by representatives of DVV International – Office for BiH, visited the PI “Bosnian Cultural Center of Canton Sarajevo”within their study trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina. Recognizing the importance of this visit, guests from Macedonia were presented the achievements of the CLLL in the field of adult education so far, the history of the institution, activities undertaken by the former Workers’ University Đuro Đaković Sarajevo, as well as structural changes of the institution, which have taken place to this day. Particular attention was paid to the importance of long-standing successful cooperation with DVV International – Office for BiH, and to joint projects: School of Andragogy, publication of the journal “Adult Education” and establishment and registration of the Center for Lifelong Learning.Besides the newly renovated premises of the CLLL, the guests also had the opportunity to visit some of the other amenities of the Bosnian Cultural Center of KS, such as the Great Hall, Gallery and Foyer and see an exhibition of artworks created within the workshops of the Club 50+ ”. The return study visit took place in September 2018.

Within the long-term cooperation of DVV International and the Faculty of Philosophy, University ofSarajevo, third year students of Pedagogy Department visited the DVV International Office and the premises of the Center for Lifelong Learning as part of their andragogy practice.

DVV International, is a professional organization that supports the development of educational structures and individuals and seeks to ensure sustainability of the adult education system, and the andragogical guidance of young people and students. Director of the Office, Emir Avdagic, Ph.D., spoke about the state of adult education in BiH and the region, as well as global and European perspectives on adult education development. The students had the opportunity to become more familiar with the goals, mission and work of DVV International in our country through various practice examples.