Submission of papers

Papers are submitted to the Editorial Board exclusively in electronic form at the following e-mail address: Only unpublished manuscripts will be accepted and will not be returned.

The copyright of the submitted contributions is the responsibility of the author/s. The authors will not be charged a fee for the processing of the papers, nor be paid for the published papers.

Characteristics of the papers

Text formatting
In the paper, please provide the information in the following order:
• Name of the author/s
• Title of the paper in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or Montenegrin
• Abstract and keywords in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or Montenegrin
• Title, abstract and keywords in English at the end of the paper
• References

Scope. Preferably, the text should have a volume of up to 15 cards (1 card = 1800 electronic characters with spaces) and for other sections (book reports, reviews, etc.) up to five cards. These papers are not subject to review.

Title of the paper. It should be as short as possible (maximum 10 words) and give a good insight into the essence of the work. It is written in capital letters.

Authors. The name of the author is written above the title; first name and then last name. If there are more than one author, they are separated by a comma. A footnote is added above the name of each author. The footnote lists the titles and addresses of the author, author’s email, and other information relevant to the text.

Abstract. It is written in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian or Montenegrin language and identical text in English, up to 200 words maximum. The summary should reflect the purpose of the text and its essence.

Keywords. Below the abstract are keywords (up to five words), which are essential for the quick identification and classification of the work content.

Language. Papers are submitted in Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Montenegrin and English and will be published as such.

Title and Author Details: Times New Roman 12 pt, normal style, no spaces.

The text should be formatted as follows: Times New Roman 12 pt font, normal style, no spacing, even alignment.

A review. All submitted papers are anonymously reviewed by two reviewers. The reviewers are appointed by the Editorial Board.

Citation and literature. Please use the Harvard citation style, which can be found at: Instructions for Authors of Papers.


From the moment the texts and other contributions are sent to the Editorial Board, Authors are considered to have transferred their copyrights to the publisher. The publisher will publish the accepted contributions in printed and electronic form, and has the right to use the abstracts from submitted works.

The Editorial Board will, within a period not exceeding six months from the date of receipt of the paper, inform the authors if the text has been accepted. A negative response releases the authors from their obligation to the Editorial Board. An author whose work has been accepted may not publish the work in any other electronic or printed publication (even in excerpts or edited) without the consent of the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal Obrazovanje odraslih/Adult Education. In principle, the author may publish the work three months from the date of publication in the Journal Obrazovanje odraslih/Adult Education, with the obligation to indicate where the work was initially published/printed. Articles published in the journal may be used free of charge for educational and non-commercial purposes, with appropriate citation of the source.

The work is licensed for use under

Note: When submitting texts, authors are obliged to send both the Statement on Originality of the Work and the Statement on Publication in Open Access published on the website.