“New Year’s spark” – International project

PI “Bosnian Cultural Center of CS” has successfully implemented the project “New Year’s Spark” for four years in a row, in cooperation with associations for children and adults with disabilities. In 2019, “New Year’s Spark” was realized through the Dialogue for the Future, a joint project of the UN, which has been conducted by UNICEF, UNESCO and UNDP under the sponsorship of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The overall objective of the Call for Proposals was to fund local initiatives in order to increase civic engagement in peacebuilding and social cohesion in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as to improve attitudes and perceptions on coexistence, confidence building and respect for diversity.

We focused on the common good, volunteerism, trust, respect for diversity, respect for others and their differences and support for vulnerable groups.

Engaging children and adults with disabilities in cultural and educational activities, that take place outside of their associations and schools is a prerequisite, for implementation of fundamental human rights. The awareness of their own rights is very important and must be recognized and respected by the state and its institutions as such.

Music and stage workshops were implemented in cooperation with the Faculty of Pedagogy of University of Sarajevo and associations that bring together children and adults with disabilities from Sarajevo and East Sarajevo, which is one of our specific objectives. To crown it all, at the end of the year, the final manifestation was organized, with shows and New Year’s packages for children.
As part of this project, an access ramp / lift for the physically disabled is also installed.

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